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Remove the radiator from the hood. Using a marking gauge, scratch a line 3/8" in from all edges of the radiator. Scrollsaw inside the line to remove the waste. File to the line.
Step 3. Grille is a piece of fiberglass screen patch.Make a paper template, hold/tape to screen and cut to size. Be careful to use a sharp scissors, or the “fabric” will fray.
Step 4. Drill holes in the hood for the steering-wheel column and headlights (see Hood drawing). Lay out a centered dowel hole on each headlight. Clamp each one into a handscrew clamp laid flat on the drill press table, set the depth stop, and drill a 1/8" hole 3/8" deep. Glue the steering wheel to the column, then glue the column into its hole. Cut two 3/4" lengths of 1/8" dowel, and

glue one into each headlight. Glue the dowels into the hood, and level the headlights.

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